It’s time to rejuvenate your home to the next level with Lohas Smart LED Bulbs. With unlimited features and benefits, installing it is considered to be a great investment. According to your requirement, you can decide the time to turn on/off. Setting to turn on at sunset and go off at dawn. You can preset the study room light to remind you to study or set the "welcome home" lighting. Viable with Alexa, Siri (iOS 12.0+ and most recent APP form) and Google Home. Assign a name to each smart light and speak with each light by name when making a voice order. It simply likes a companion that will consistently go with you and comply with your requests. In excess of 16 million colors (red, green, yellow, and so forth) and every one of them (color temperature, brilliance) can be changed. 4 static and dynamic scene modes are available. These lights are best suitable for the party animals out there.

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